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Delivering on Trust

There’s a significant difference between hosting data and owning it.

Support your organization’s ability to act as responsible custodians of data while empowering data owners to manage their privacy, how data is access as well as their consent to usage policies.

We call our approach Privacy on Purpose™ and it is integral to both our values as a company and the architecture of our product.


of citizens

Expressed some level of concern about the protection of their privacy


by companies


by government

Most feel they have little to no control over how their personal information is being used
Source: Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada
Survey of Canadians on Privacy 2018-19

Solutions at your service

Portage CyberTech powers trusted digital transactions between individuals, businesses, and government organizations.

We are driven to help you succeed with your most challenging and ambitious digital transformation projects.


We’ve got single-sign on (of course) along with ninety-nine other solutions to handle some of the most difficult integration and identity aspects of your digital transformation project.

Identity & Trust Proofing
Add the missing dimension of trust and assurance to your online interactions.
From single-sign on to multi-factor, our solution is seamless and secure.
Access Management
A powerful rule engine to manage the complexities of real world use cases.
Privacy & Consent
Be compliant and stay that way with tools to audit and manage compliance.
User Experience
Deliver a branded and consistent user experience across digital touchpoints.

Our technology plays well with others.

No one likes working with technology that wants to be the only one in the stack.

Our platform is designed to adhere to open standards you’re already familiar with like SAML 2.0, OAuth 2.0 and OIDC. We’ve even added capabilities to help some other platforms (not mentioning any names) that could use a little help of their own to integrate. Powerful tools like our Rapid Integration Module can avoid delays on your project timeline as well as significant financial costs to get you there faster.


Missing a platform that manages the trust and privacy layer of your business? Here are some of the impacts:


Inconsistent implementation of privacy governance creating business risk


Protracted timelines and cost overruns from integrating with legacy and proprietary systems


Inconsistent customer experience that reflects internal siloes and legacy implementations


Managing trust has benefits. Here’s some positive results clients of our platform have shared with us:


Enterprise-wide alignment to privacy policy and quality management program


Maximized investments, faster implementation and standards-based interoperability


Consistent sign-on and user experience with transparent consent

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