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Online Services Platform

The digital-first solution for regulated organizations industries.

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The efficient approach to compliant digitalization

Migrating to online services when users and employees are demanding a simple digital experience no longer needs to be complex. Our secure and ready-to-deploy solutions were created to adapt seamlessly to existing systems and reduce the total cost of ownership.
Augment global productivity in compliance Ensure you eliminate paper at all levels while providing your employees with consolidated environments that comply with current privacy laws and best practice guidelines.

Leverage existing systems and scale your environment Offer a non-disruptive approach to delivering improved services swiftly. Adapt your legacy systems now and evolve your new environment according to your needs.

Create a unified and secure user experience Simplify the search and onboarding for your services with a consolidated citizen portal. Ensure the security of personal information and uphold best practices for robust authentication across all types of online services.

77% average rate of registration
100% compatible and privacy by design
50+ governments and municipalities

What can citizens do on your Online Services Platform?

  Find and subscribe to your services 

 Enjoy easy onboarding on all devices 

 Engage with your content and your programs 

 Choose their preferred channel of communication 

 Sign official documents 

 Receive authentic documents and credentials  

 Pay taxes 

 Fill out forms 

 Manage the sharing of personal information

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What can the Online Services Platform do for your organization?

  Unify the user experience for all users 

 Minimize risks associated with cyberattacks 

 Facilitate identity and authentication management 

 Simplify content management 

 Increase productivity 

 Avoid unnecessary costs 

 Consolidate complex and interdepartmental workflows 

 Ensure document compliance and reliability 

 Boost trust between you and your stakeholders 

Witness the unparalleled advancement of a digital-first organization

Regardless of where you stand in your digital transformation, we have the right strategies and solutions to facilitate your evolution.

Discover the end-to-end solution to streamline service delivery and internal processes

Portage CyberTech’s ready-to-deploy solutions enable organizations to complete their transformation in a secure and efficient manner. They remove barriers and solve the digital labyrinth for both users and employees.

With Portage CyberTech, we plan to increase the number of digital services available from 9 currently to 160 this fiscal year.

Government Partner

Place the user at the heart of your digital environment

End the digital maze with Portage CyberTech's integrated solutions! Both external and internal users can locate information, request services, and process files without having to navigate through multiple siloed portals and tools.

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Ensure top-notch security and privacy compliance across all jurisdictions

Be certain of who is behind the screen with robust identification mechanisms that respect individuals' privacy. Ensure you retain only the bare minimum required and streamline communication between departments without jeopardizing your digital security.


Deploy swiftly across all departments and optimize your workflows

Rely on integrated tools that have proven their worth in highly demanding government sectors. Integrate them into your systems and seize the opportunity to digitally migrate physical processes that slow down your organizational productivity.

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Why do governments and municipalities trust the Online Services Platform?

  • Proven government-grade solutions
  • Compatible and sustainable  
  • Rapid deployment  
  • Tailored and configurable for every scenario  
  • Enhanced productivity and cost-effectiveness  
  • Reinforced security and data privacy  
  • Backed by expert teams with decades of experience 

"It is a solution that obtains individual consent, ensures privacy protection, verifies documents, and retains identity evidence according to the latest standards, without the need to keep the original or copies. There are very few people on the planet who do this. We are pretty much alone in doing it the way we do."

Patrick Drolet Chief of Innovation
Patrick Drolet at Leaders Connect

All organizational projects are unique, and we are here to support your specific needs.

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