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ConsignO Cloud Trusted Electronic Signature

Change you can trust

ConsignO Cloud is a web-based electronic signature platform that manages the entire signing cycle for internal and external signature projects.

The Electronic Signature Platform to Go Fully Digital

ConsignO Cloud is a web-based electronic signature platform that manages the entire signing cycle for internal and external signature projects. Designed for both businesses and governments, it provides the opportunity to use electronic signatures according to the required level of legal reliability.

Deploy quickly No installation or subscription is required for signers. It’s easy, fast, and free!
Make It Your Own Use your colors, logo, and branding in the signature interface and emails.
Ensure Security and Compliance Protect your documents against fraud and take advantage of the best legal reliability mechanisms.

ConsignO Cloud’s level of legal reliability brings us peace of mind. Once a document is signed, we know for sure that we have the original in our hands and that we won't get any unpleasant surprises.

Maxime Dupuis, Assistant to the City Clerk, City of Bromont

Focus on efficiency

ConsignO Cloud allows you to digitize your workflows as well as monitor your project status in real-time, have multiple people sign in a specific order and easily send a final document to internal and external resources.


Deliver a unified signature experience

With a customizable interface, powerful APIs, SSO integration and trusted electronic signatures, you can entirely automate and digitize your workflows with ConsignO Cloud.


Cut costs, get personalized support

Save on printing costs and work hours while retaining the highest level of legal reliability and document integrity. Our dedicated team and training tools will provide you with the support you need for all of your projects. Questions? An experience member of our team will help you by phone, email or chat.


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Features Adapted to your Needs

Sign from multiple devices

Have clients sign your documents quickly and easily from their desktop, tablet or smartphone, at any time and from anywhere.

Levels of trusted signatures Determine if the signer must use a CertifiO  digital signature, a trusted electronic signature (2FA) or an Interac verified signature.   
Establish a signature order Easily set the order in which signers will be invited to sign. You can specify a sequential order or parallel signatures, or a combination of the two.    
Trust a two-factor authentication by default Decide if the signer can be authenticated using a unique password sent by SMS, automated phone call or with a shared secret.  
Convert to PDF/A Automatically convert your documents to the PDF/A standard, a trusted format that ensures long-term reliability.  
Rely on an unalterable audit trail ConsignO Cloud automatically generates a digitally sealed audit trail that incorporates the signed document to ensure the reliability of the entire signing process.  

Why do regulated organizations trust ConsignO Cloud? 

  • Over 25 years of expertise in legal document reliability  
  • Highly competitive subscriptions and prices 
  • A simplified user experience that doesn’t require creating an account to sign documents 
  • Batches of projects are available to everyone, no need to divide them between users
  • Unlimited number of instrumenting parties and signers 
  • Highly customizable visual interface:Communications, logo, colors, visual appearance of signatures 
  • Ability to sign a certificate issued on behalf of your organization for increased personalization 
  • Quick and free API integration with special rates for companies 
  • IdP/Active Directory integration via SAML possible for an enhanced experience 
  • Free SharePoint connector 

Find out how you can securely sign anytime, anywhere with ConsignO Cloud

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