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Enhanced Trust Package

A CitizenOne Module

Ensuring user trust in digital services with comprehensive and secure access rules, identity verification, and verifiable credentials.  

Offer Simple and Secure Identification that Inspires Trust with Your Users

CitizenOne’s  Enhanced Trust Package is a comprehensive digital trust solution that allows organizations to provide the highest degree of security regarding user identities. It has powerful service access management capabilities as well as cutting-edge security-focused identity verification and verified credential functionalities.
Leverage Situational Service Access Rules CitizenOne’s Enhanced Trust Package allows organizations to minimize data retention and transfer by allowing users to access certain services based on pre-established rules (e.g. access is allowed for users 18+).
Build Trusted Identity Verifications Ensure a robust identity verification process by connecting to authoritative data sources to identify users without the need to store or transfer unnecessary information.
Offer Reliable and Flexible Credentials CitizenOne’s Credential Engine supports the issuance of verifiable credentials that can be stored by users in secure digital wallets. These credentials can then be used in hybrid online and offline scenarios alike.

We love this approach as it can integrate with our existing digital assets and web presence and is completely non-disruptive.

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Empower Users

Foster confidence and trust in your users with transparent use of data, consent-based identification processes, and by giving them control over their data. 

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Issue Verified Credentials that Users and Businesses can Trust

CitizenOne’s Credential Engine allows you to issue and verify credentials (VCs). Leverage its robust authentication procedures, PCTF principles, and zero-proof mechanisms to provide VCs that businesses and users can rely on.

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Use Only What’s Necessary

CitizenOne’s Enhanced Trust Package supports selective disclosure of data allowing users to access services requiring a lower standard of identification without needing to provide any sensitive information while benefiting from the highest standard of security during identification processes requiring them to provide more data.

Take Advantage of Trusted Resources

CitizenOne’s Enhanced Trust Package identity verification processes allow organizations to rely on trusted and secure sources of data, minimizing their exposure to data leaks and targeted hacking. 


Why do governments and municipalities trust CitizenOne’s Enhanced
Trust Package?

  • Customizable service access rules
  • Transparent use of sensitive data  
  • Portable and scalable credentials  
  • User-driven consent for data-sharing
  • Compatibility with trusted data sources 

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Centralize identity and authentication management, along with handling policies, consent, and forms.

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