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Credential Engine

A CitizenOne Feature

Ensuring the secure issuance of verifiable credentials to the population using trusted tools.


Streamline issuance of credentials & maintain privacy access to services in a hybrid world

’s Credential Engine is a trusted solution for issuing and verifying credentials (VCs) for government and regulated organizations. It enables the certification of specific user attributes, which can be easily verified using widely available technologies like a web browser.

Empower your Citizens and Users to have greater control over their digital identity

  • Based on blockchain technology
  • Follows the PCTF principles
  • Can be held in a trusted digital wallet
  • Zero-proof mechanisms

The upcoming portable and decentralized credential that will enhance reliability

An efficient and robust solution to combat ID fraud and counterfeit credentials in the digital era. Reliable credentials, such as driver’s licenses, academic diplomas, employee passes, plane tickets, and security clearance, can be  securely stored in a trusted wallet on a smartphone.  

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Enhancing trust: User-centric verifiable digital credentials for increased transparency and security

Give recipients ownership of their official records by issuing IDs equivalent such as driver’s licenses or healthcare identifiers in a digital manner that can be cryptographically presented anywhere to verify provenance and ownership. 

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Support for selective disclosure of credential attributes 

Give a hybrid solution for accessing digital platforms or live events 

Allow users to prove who they are, without using personal details

Help businesses rely on your VCs to ensure robust authentication 

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