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1CRM: The All-In-One Customer Relationship Management System

Improve the citizen experience by providing personalized communication, easy and prompt issue resolution, and timely responses to citizen inquiries and feedback.

The All-in-One CRM that truly adapts to your
internal processes and internal terminology

1CRM is an advanced government-level CRM system that combines industry-standard CRM features with comprehensive order management, service management and project management. Highly configurable and secure, 1CRM meets the needs of all departments, to streamline operations and improve citizen services.
Centralize Data Manage data effectively within a secure system that enables collaboration across departments.

Automate Processes Increase productivity and reduce errors by creating automated responses, workflows and reports. 

Flexible Hosting Cloud and On-Premise deployment options, with Cloud data resident in your preferred country.


Through the CRM, business transactions are processed 40-50% faster and more structured.

Matthias Lemenkühler, CEO of xSuite Group GmbH

What can your teams achieve with the 1CRM business solution?

  Create and track projects throughout their lifecycle 

 Manage service cases, assign priorities, add to the knowledge base 

 Track expense reports booked hours & timesheets 

 Sync transactions with your accounting system 

 Handle staff, roles, and availability within HR

 Send important communications and notifications 

 Create a centralized database 

 Handle contracts and signatures

 Securely store and protect data within a CRM that is compliant with privacy regulations 

 Receive cases through web forms or email interactions 

 Create dynamic workflows to process requests and assign them to the appropriate department  

 Reduce duplicate entry and errors


Start streamlining and consolidating your processes today with 1CRM

Adapt 1CRM to your needs and your organization’s culture

Increase productivity with a CRM that is configured to work the way you work. Create custom dashboards, modules, fields, layouts and menus - for mobile and desktop experiences. Configure reports, charts, PDF forms, and workflows to suit align with current processes and address the needs of all departments.


Unify your environment with a developer-friendly REST API

1CRM is a developer’s dream. With access to most of the source code, you can work with your current developers. Paired with a state-of-the-art REST API, Developer’s guide and API Client Library, 1CRM is optimized for integration and configuration.


Why do organizations trust 1CRM to manage their CRM needs?

  • Secure CRM system that adheres to privacy laws  
  • Highly configurable to address the requirements of different departments
  • Cloud data resident in preferred country
  • Integrates with currently used internal systems
  • Complete CRM system that allows for a single central database  

Unleash productivity: numerous connectors for a consolidated work environment

1CRM has dozens of built-in integrations, allowing for seamless integration with your existing tools, as well as Portage CyberTech’s efficient solutions. Our industry-leading open REST API also has the flexibility to support any custom integrations you might need.

Respond to citizens in a quick, efficient and personalized manner

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