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1CRM: The All-In-One Customer Relationship Management System

Improve the citizen experience by providing personalized communication, easy and prompt issue resolution, and timely response to citizen inquiries, feedback, and complaints.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A government grade customer relationship management (CRM) system is designed to help public sector agencies to streamline operations and improve citizen services.

With easy-to-use tools, you can reduce manual administrative tasks, automate workflows, and improve communication with stakeholders.  

A Government CRM tool that works for you

A Government CRM tool can help government employees and government services to improve citizen experience, streamline processes, make better decisions, and improve collaboration between departments.

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Features and benefits of our CRM

Run Government Agencies Smoothly Take the hassle out of administration, manage citizen inquiries, complaints, feedback, and issues, all in one place. This will help you to respond faster, provide better service, and improve citizen experience.
Secure More Government Contracts Overhaul your procurement process with our CRM and secure dependable income. Our system streamlines your pipeline and helps you to manage your contacts, leads, and opportunities. You can also analyze your performance and identify areas for improvement.
Improve Citizen Service Offerings Set up self-service options for your communities to help them easily access information and advice at speed. Our system provides detailed insights and data, so you can create more meaningful and personalized communications with your stakeholders.
Steadfast Compliancy Store and protect personal citizen data that meets the most stringent privacy requirements. You can also manage your documents, contracts, and agreements, and ensure that you remain compliant with regulations.
Future-Proof Communications Prepare your public sector business for the future with modern communication tools. Our CRM helps you to automate, track, and report on conversations. You can also integrate your CRM with other tools, such as social media, email, and chatbots, to provide a seamless communication experience.
Reduce Operations Costs Save money by combining data storage, security, workflow maintenance, communications, and fund management all in one place. Our CRM helps you to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

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