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Elevate your Online Services with Privacy in Mind

Government & Municipalities

Providing digital services to citizens does not have to be complex. No matter where you are in your digital transformation journey, we'll meet you where you are and your citizens will be able to easily access and benefit from secure services in one location. 
A pleasant experience for your citizens
A single session, a single dashboard and all your services. From any device, be there for your citizens at any time. 
Employees focused on services
With the information available and automated workflows, your employees can dedicate themselves to the constituents. 
A secure and non-disruptive solution
The data is protected, not stored and all your existing systems remain in place with our tools. 

Improve the performance of your programs 

Our clients are seeing a steady increase in enrollment and engagement on their platforms. 

  • Communicate easily with your concerned citizens 
  • Analyze performance in real time 
  • Change what is not working quickly 
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Maximize resources with digital processes & tools

Municipal employees juggle many complex tasks on a daily basis. With our adaptable solutions, you can effectively solve more problems, avoid delays and maximize resources to lower cost and client frustration. Improve the daily lives of your clients and your employees all at once. 

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Offering online services starts here

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Take care of your constituents by connecting them to essential services 

The multiplication of portals makes the digital experience very cumbersome for citizens. By creating a unified, seamless platform, bring essential services closer to people. Your entities will be able to integrate it gradually without having to reform everything.

“With our aspirational goal to grow by a million people in the next 10 or 20 years, digital transformation helps this happen much more efficiently with much fewer resources and much more reliably.”

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Dayle Tilroe 
Director of Engineering Services, City of Edmonton 


Address national issues, not administrative ones 

Managing populations with different priorities or large-scale economic development is very challenging. With our expertise, you can implement scalable solutions that will give you control and clarity while respecting the data privacy of your citizens. 

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Enable citizens to serve themselves

From a single dashboard, citizens will be able to find your services and access autonomously what they want. Whether it's a health or a tax report, they will be able to get what they need without moving 24/7.
Robust Intranet and Advanced Website Features
Trust our expertise and our DXP-CMS to create secure, accessible and personalized web environments. Support included. 
Flexible Contact Management
Keep track of your communications with your citizens and suppliers. Automate follow-ups to avoid forgotten cases.
Legally and Convenient Reliable Signatures
Have all your official documents signed without delay from any device and manage all processes from one dashboard. 

Protect citizen privacy with PPAM

Our solutions are designed with the most advanced privacy protection mechanisms. You can count on the best standards in the world. Portage CyberTech's Privacy-Preserving Access Management (PPAM) enables secure, consent-based access mangement and privacy. 

  • User-controlled data sharing and specific to a service
  • Minimum data storage and destruction after a fixed period
  • Data anonymization and automatic tokenization 

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