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Adapt your Practice to Today's Reality

Working in a regulated profession comes with a lot of challenges and responsibilities, especially in a digital working world. For 25 years, we've been helping you protect your professional identity online and take advantage of the best technological advances.

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Get your digital signature

A seal that cannot be copied
Your digital signature is under your control only and secures your professional documents against alterations. 
Facilitated inter-professional collaborations
With 16 regulated professions having access to digital signatures, creating multidisciplinary teams has never been so accessible. 
Proven tools that work together
With our multi-platform signature tools and our CRM, streamlining workflows with all your partners will be done with clarity and efficiency. 

Increase your Competitiveness with Peace of Mind

Working smart means adopting the best processes in the industry. 

  • Sign your professional documents in batches 
  • Authenticate 3D models
  • Affix your seal image according to your association's guidelines 

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Raise the Quality of your Projects

By eliminating the delays associated with physical processes, speed up your development of designs and communication with your customers. Whether your teams are at home or on the road, empower them to sign drawings in full compliance. 

“Companies that have applied digital signatures have reported savings of thousands of dollars annually in cost of material or labor cost. With a click of a button, you can apply your signature, authenticate hundreds of documents literally in one click of a button.”

Mohamed El Daly 
Director of Outreach and Product Services at APEGA 


Facilitate Approval and Archiving Processes

Standardize practices with your partners and facilitate the approval of official documents. Annotate, return and communicate quickly so that projects can be delivered on budget and in accordance with long-term archiving requirements. 


Embrace Recognized, Cost-Effective Methods

In addition to saving on printing and transportation costs for your official documents, by adopting our compliant signature tools, you will demonstrate to all your partners that you are using the most efficient methods in the industry.

A National Trusted Network at the Service of Innovation

Over 56 Canadian professional associations provide professional digital signatures to their members through our government-level Certificate Authority. Governments, cities and businesses can now move electronic professional documentation that is properly protected and searchable for decades to come. 
  • Build a Solid Intranet and a Modern Responsive Website

    Give your employees and customers the best of the web with personalized navigation and independent access to their records. 
  • Manage your Projects with a Fully Configurable CRM

    Create a management tool that uses your lingo. Manage your client relationships and projects in the same interface for greater cohesion. 
  • Make your External Partners Sign Off

    Suppliers & customers can all sign your documents with the ConsignO Cloud platform. Sign with your pro-signature and send notifications to latecomers. 

Build Trust with your Customers 

Your digital signature is designed to be verified by cities, governments and contractors. They ensure that you’re doing business with an actual professional and that documents are not counterfeited. In seconds, a customer can validate:  

  • Your civic identity 
  • Your professional affiliation 
  • Integrity of the document  

“We have been conducting business in the same way inefficiently for many years, even decades, and in some cases centuries! (...) But the time has come to modernize our industry and our built environment.”  

Bill Moore 
President of BuildingSMART Canada and Manager at Associated Engineering

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