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CertifiO® Digital Signatures

Verified identities for individuals and organizations

Ensure authenticity, integrity and reliability of electronic documents

Protect professional identities and the integrity of official documents

Professionals and organizations need the right digital tools to authenticate their documents. CertifiO is the digital signature that certifies the signer’s identity, professional affiliation or the existence of an organization. Once affixed to an electronic document, it ensures its integrity and authenticity, giving it the best possible reliability.

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Sign as a Regulated Professional or an Employee Protect your practice and the integrity of your official documents with a robust and compliant verified identity linked to your profession.
Streamline Workflows with Innovative Tools Take advantage of advanced tools such as ConsignO Desktop and ConsignO Cloud Solo to use your signature. Sign documents in batches and stamp multiple pages.
Automate Signing Thousands of Documents If your organization is looking to protect electronic certificates or diplomas, CertifiO for Organizations is the solution for you.

It’s kind of like the catalyst that really unlocks our aptitudes towards digitalizing our practice. So, the fact that we were able to demonstrate (...) that we can digitize authentication (...) allows us to really start exploring other aspects of digital project delivery.

Bill Moore

President of BuildingSMART Canada and Manager at Associated Engineering

CertifiO Desktop: powerful and compliant

CertifiO Desktop allows you to sign in any PDF reader and can be used in ConsignO Desktop to access advanced features such as no-fuss batch signing. Regulated professionals can also customize their seal appearances to ensure full compliance with the requirements set forth by their order. 


CertifiO Cloud: AATL digital signatures on the cloud

CertifiO Cloud allows you to digitally sign at any time and on any device without the need for a token. Using a CertifiO Cloud digital signature in our ConsignO Cloud Solo web app, professionals can customize their signature appearance and sign official documents with the convenience and flexibility of the cloud.


Sign on behalf of your organization

CertifiO Organizations is specially designed to preserve the integrity of large volumes of PDF documents through your systems and applications, inspiring confidence in all recipients. It also facilitates the creation of authentic electronic documents on behalf of a department or a company.


Why do professionals
and organizations in regulated industries
trust CertifiO?

  • Proven reliability for more than 25 years
  • Trusted by over 60,000 professionals in Canada
  • Trusted by governments and industry leaders
  • Automatically recognized by Microsoft®
  • Compatible with ConsignO Desktop and its advanced features (offered at no extra charge)
  • Compatible with Adobe, BlueBeam® and Nitro PDF®
  • Certified, audited and high-availability infrastructure

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