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Digital Signature Tools with Uncompromised Legal Reliability

The most secure and efficient way to sign official documents.

Certified ID to Sign in Full Compliance

Professionals and organizations need the right digital tools to authenticate their documents. CertifiO is the digital signature that certifies the signer’s identity, professional affiliation or the existence of an organization. Once affixed to an electronic document, it ensures its integrity and authenticity, giving it the best possible reliability.

Securely Sign your Electronic Documents with Ease

Protect your documents for the long term Robust reliability standards to protect documents from falsification for decades.   
Streamline worflows Streamline the signing process, sign documents in batches and eliminate the need for printing, scanning, and mailing.  
Overcome Time and Distance Sign from any device at any time. Unite your teams or sign large volumes of documentation in seconds.  

For Regulated Professionals and Employees

More than 50,000 professionals currently use a digital signature in Canada.

Digital identities are changing industries and are allowing professionals to digitally transform. 

CertifiO Desktop

Digitally sign in any PDF reader or use our ConsignO Desktop PDF reader for batch signing and advanced features. 

CertifiO Cloud

Digitally sign at any time and on any device by using your digital signature in our ConsignO Cloud Solo web app.


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Sign on your Organization's Behalf 

CertifiO Organizations is specially designed to preserve the integrity of large volumes of PDF documents through your systems and applications, inspiring confidence in all recipients. Using ConsignO Server, your organizational certified signature will be automatically applied in your systems and platforms. 

Sign on your Departments Behalf

CertifiO Departments facilitates the creation of authentic electronic documents on behalf of a department or a company. It can be used to authenticated permits, diplomas, records or contracts with the same authority as an ink seal, but in a digital environment. 

“It’s kind of like the catalyst that really unlocks our aptitudes towards digitalizing our practice. So, the fact that we were able to demonstrate (...) that we can digitize authentication (...) allows us to really start exploring other aspects of digital project delivery."

Bill Moore 
President of BuildingSMART Canada and Manager at Associated Engineering

A Full Suite of Signature Solutions 

Because not all signed documents require the same legal reliability, all of Portage CyberTech's digital signature solutions work together on its ConsignO Cloud electronic signature platform and its CRM. This means that entire workflows involving customer and supplier signatures can be optimized by organizations, governments and municipalities. 

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Outstanding Long-Term Reliability


Certified verification process ensuring the true identity of the signer. 


Once signed, the integrity of your document is assured and can be verified by anyone easily. 


Proof of identity incorporated into documents ensuring legal reliability over time. 

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