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Simplify your Service Delivery

Elevate your business standards with our innovative solutions designed to streamline operations and boost productivity.

Delivering quality services within budget and efficiently is not easy. The pressure is hard on all your staff. We can help you facilitate your internal and external processes with secure and scalable tools.
Empower your customers
Create an online platform where your customers and partners can access services and information without burdening your employees. 
Give meaning to work
Project management is easier for employees and gives them more time to focus on delivering quality work. 
Ensure safety and compliance
All of our tools protect the data and privacy of all users. Complying with laws in multiple jurisdictions doesn't have to be a headache.   

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Enhance Your Workflows

Our partners eliminate many administrative irritants by adopting our tools. Customer and employee satisfaction is greatly increased. 

  • Create an attractive work environment for the skilled workforce 
  • Optimize your signature processes and the long-term archiving of your documents
  • Break down silos across your organization

Care for the People, Not the Administration 

Making an appointment, accessing your health record, finding the name of a doctor are all actions that a patient can do online by himself. With our tools, your organization can take care of what matters.

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Be Hybrid for Students and for Yourself 

Multiple facilities and hybrid course offerings require the coordination of many people. By adopting our online platform and management tools, facilitate collaboration and communication with all stakeholders.  

“People wanted to go paperless fifteen years ago. But now it’s actually happening!”

Cédrick Pautel 
Secretary General, ÉTS 


Ensure Good Governance and Transparency 

The huge number of internal policies and approval chains can weigh down your organization's development. By using our scalable tools, it becomes possible to easily monitor responsibilities and access while automating repetitive tasks.

Adapt to All Generations  

With integrated tools on multiple platforms, you will be able to meet the expectations of all users. In person or online, your systems will be unified, and your employees will be working with the same information. 

Gather Signatures in No Time 

From one phone and from anywhere in the world, all your partners can sign binding documents in complete security. 

Put the Right People in Charge
With all the information in one place, it becomes easy to find the right information at the right time. Experts can do the job with everything at hand. 
Create an accessible online experience
We are masters in web accessibility. Be sure to include your customers with disabilities in your digital journey. 

Monitor Access and Reporting

All our tools are configurable and allow you to maintain good governance. 

  • Access and responsibility management
  • Reporting and analysis with anonymized information
  • Advanced security 

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