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Democratizing Access to Legal Services

People rely on your integrity and knowledge for many turning points in their lives, for the success of their business or to ensure the cohesion of our society. We can help you accomplish your legal practice in compliant and value-added digital environments.

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Track your cases easily 

Search and communicate with your contacts in a few clicks. Following up on events has never been easier. 

Stay flexible and fast 

Adapt to your customers' requests by accessing information from any device and obtaining compliant signatures in minutes. 

Meet clients' expectations 

Everything happens online now. Demonstrate your digital excellence with a user-friendly digital experience. 

Contribute to Legal Services Access 

Our partners in the legal sector are experiencing increasing client and employee satisfaction. 

  • Reduce operating costs 
  • Attract a digitally native workforce
  • Work from home or abroad 

Bring Justice, Not Delays 

With a unified platform where it becomes easy to obtain services and documents, your highly qualified staff can concentrate on the trials and not on the administrative processes. Judges, lawyers and other stakeholders can better prepare, work, sign and communicate. 


Control your Costs by Helping the Practice Evolve 

Whether you are providing notary services or preparing a plea, our digital tools will allow you to sign and administer your cases in a compliant, efficient and secure manner. 

“By participating in the digital transition movement, our department is helping to improve our practices and make justice more attainable.”

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Attorney Marc-André Russell 
City of Laval’s Legal Affairs Department

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Rely on Scalable Tools 

Our tools are updated frequently to ensure that you have the latest technology at all times. The constant security upgrades and the maximization of features will allow you to continue your practice without having to worry about changing your administrative processes. 

Legally Reliable Signatures & Management Tool 

Collaborate in a powerful and flexible CRM and have all your official documents signed without delay from any device. 

Best Security & Privacy Mechanisms  

Our tools are used by governments to ensure the security of information and privacy of citizens. 

Robust Intranet and Advanced Website Features 

Trust our expertise and our DXP-CMS to create secure, accessible and personalized web environments. Support included. 

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Take advantage of the best tools to create long-term reliable PDF

  • Standalone, digitally signed audit log containing all the necessary proof for all participants 
  • Two-factor authentication signatures by default for added reliability 
  • Documents converted to PDF/A (archive format) by default 
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