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A secure and reliable solution to consolidate your services and ensure the right users access the right services.

The trusted citizen portal that speeds up
service delivery

Maximize online service adoption by consolidating all your services into one user-friendly dashboard. Create a world-class digital experience and enhance your data privacy & security practices.

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Unified User Experience

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Data Privacy

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Data Security

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Identity Assurance

1.1M Users in production - 77% average rate of registration

The convenient secure solution for every organization

CitizenOne is a government-grade secure portal that enables trusted connections, privacy protection and the responsible consolidation of government eServices.

All integrated functionalities help to meet privacy and cybersecurity compliance requirements, while accelerating the delivery of online services.

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Consolidated Services (API)

Unified Notifications

ID Verification

Identity and Access

Data Privacy Controls

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With Portage CyberTech, we plan to increase the number of digital services available from 9 to 160 this fiscal year.

Government Partner

40% of organizations consider that customers are currently getting lost in the complexity of digital channels. 47% of citizens encounter malware attacks, and 40% want their privacy to be better protected.

An Informed Approach to Digital Transformation: Critical Considerations for Canadian Government

A complete solution for managing identities and unifying the digital experience

Enhance user privacy and compliance by progressively disclosing personal information based on the context. Ensure that only authorized users access the appropriate services and prevent unnecessary information sharing between service providers.

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Connect your existing systems without disruption

Give your citizens a user-centric way to access online services

Allow your users to control their privacy & ensure security

e-Government done right

CitizenOne provides an unparalleled set of capabilities to support
you regardless where you are in your digital transformation journey.
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