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 It's time to focus on citizens first.

The trusted portal to better serve your community

CitizenOne consolidates all your services in one user-friendly dashboard and leverages powerful features to simplify your work and ensure you stay compliant. With one secure login, citizens can find and subscribe to their services and you can centralize identity, consent, and form management.
CitizenOne view of the portal for users
Increase Citizen Satisfaction With its unified and self-configurable presentation that remains up-to-date with improved UX, CitizenOne has an average adoption rate of 77% among its clients.  
Optimize Cost Efficiency By leveraging legacy systems and its ready-to-deploy self-service configuration, CitizenOne will help you avoid unnecessary costs.  
Increase Cybersecurity Ensure to gather as little personal information as possible, keep sensitive details anonymous, and share information progressively, based on consent.  

With Portage CyberTech, we plan to increase the number of digital services available from 9 to 160 this year.

Government Partner

What can citizens do on your CitizenOne trusted portal?

  24/7 access to services

 View the collection schedule

 Register for recreational and park activities

 Apply for a construction permit

 Pay taxes

 Renew a library book

 Renew a pet license

 Renew a health insurance card

 Manage the sharing of personal information

 Choose their preferred channel of communication

CitizenOne Desktop, mobile and tablet
CitizenOne dashboard

What can CitizenOne do for your IT team?

  Simplify finding and subscribing to services

 Unify user experience for all services

 Streamline form management

 Easily handle consent management

 Manage personas such as entrepreneurs, caregivers, etc.

 Unify notifications on all channels

 Centralize identity and authentication management

 Provide an analytics dashboard

 Issue verifiable credentials

 Achieve brand consistency using the theme editor

e-Government done right

CitizenOne provides an unparalleled set of capabilities to make your digitization project reality. Watch the recording of our webinar to see the solution in action.

Ensure only the right users access the right services

CitizenOne is a modular solution that provides a toolkit for organizations to securely identify, verify, onboard, and authenticate their digital services’ users.

Couple using a digital tablet together while relaxing on a couch
Woman on bus with smart phone

Deliver notifications to the right channels across all services

Citizens will receive vital messages and view the status of their requests through their preferred channels. This will help them feel supported and understand that their government is actively working for them.

Allow your citizens to act as entrepreneurs or caregivers

Allow your citizens to act in various user personas such as entrepreneurs and caregivers for their children or parents. Maximize the potential of your portal by streamlining the user experience to the fullest extent.

Grandmother sitting on a sofa at home and using digital tablet

Why do governments & and municipalities trust CitizenOne?

  • Ready-to-deploy solution

  • Developed with provincial partners

  • Maximizes security and minimizes cyberattack risks

  • Modular architecture API-based integration & end-point management

  • Uses open standards like OAuth/OIDC and SAML Fully scalable 

Delve into the Features of CitizenOne

Services Catalog Accelerator:

Simplify the search for your services and facilitate the adoption of your digital


Secure Identity Portal:

Centralize identity and authentication management, along with handling policies, consent, and forms.

Enhanced Trust:

Ensure robust rule access and identity verification. Issue verifiable credentials to your citizens.


More than 1.1 million citizens already use CitizenOne as their trusted citizen portal

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