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Forging Relationships that Last

Over the years, we have built strong bonds with our clients and through getting to know each other, we have learned to find scalable and sustainable solutions.

26 Responsive Provinces and Municipalities 

Whether it's to provide digital services to citizens, to manage internal information or to simplify official signatures, we tailor our solutions to meet the challenges of each.


56 Partnerships to Improve 16 Regulated Practices 

As the official provider of certified identity digital signatures to more than 50,000 regulated professionals such as engineers and notaries, we are pleased to help them take advantage of the acceleration in technology while enabling them to remain compliant with their requirements.


Hundreds of More Flexible and Secure Organizations

We enable millions of documents to be circulated and archived in a compliant manner. Employees and partners around the world can work on secure intranets, deliver online services and manage customer relationships efficiently and securely. 


Thousands of Efficient Workers Everywhere 

Our solutions help companies create high-performance work environments on any device. With our APIs, our DXP platform, our all-in-one CRM and our certified identities. All tools and workflows can be done online in full compliance with laws on privacy.


A Trusted Network for a Responsible Digital World 

We would be nothing without others, which is why we connect with organizations motivated to educate, advocate and coordinate joint efforts to solve complex digital transformation challenges.

We believe that ensuring a responsible digitization of governments, parapublic industries and businesses will improve the long-term well-being of the population.

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