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Digital Signatures 101: A Step-By-Step Overview

Have you ever wondered how a digital signature works? Here's a quick overview of the ...
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Public Sector UX: The Key to Citizen Engagement & Trust

First impressions are important. With the increasing number of digital public services ...
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Fostering the Canadian Paralympic Community with Drupal DXP & Portage CyberTech

The Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC) has been a beacon for Paralympic sports in Canada ...
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School Services Centre Takes Pressure Off students With Trusted Electronic Signatures

"When we send a document home in a child’s backpack, we never know what state it will be ...
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Achieving Digital Excellence with the Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC)

The Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC) is a non-profit private organization committed to ...
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Bridging History with Modern Tech for the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21

The Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 (Halifax, NS) has historically served as ...
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CitizenOne: Implementing a Digital City Hall for Improved Citizen Engagement

Since the early 2000s, departments of public organizations and various governmental ...
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Healing Administrative Aches for Better Patient Care

Improving digital public services doesn’t only apply to government services. Large ...
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Practicing Digital Hygiene: Applying the 7 Principles of Privacy by Design

Information privacy and online security are so widely discussed that for many, they have ...
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From Silos to Seamless: Transforming Provincial Digital Services with User-Centric Solutions

Coordinating activities from multiple ministries in one, consolidated, easy-to-use ...
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Serving Citizens Better: Enabling Digital-First Strategies to Improve Public Services

Improving the digital services offered by governments and municipalities is no easy task. ...
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CitizenOne’s Services Catalog Accelerator: Connecting a Small Municipality with its Constituents

Improving digital public services in a timely and budget-conscious way is a multifaceted ...
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