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Para Hockey Athlete Playing Para Ice Hockey.

Achieving Digital Excellence with the Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC)

The Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC) is a non-profit private organization committed to the transformative power and impact of Paralympic sport.

In collaboration with 27 other international member organizations, they work tirelessly to deliver best-prepared teams for athletic excellence, all while being a beacon for disability inclusion and accessibility.

The Digital Challenge 

Previously, the CPC grappled with an outdated website, limited internal development skills, and multiple outmoded digital tools. Their audience, which has specific web accessibility needs, also found it challenging to navigate the site, negatively affecting user experience and engagement. Furthermore, the Committee faced hurdles in integrating their content with social media and video platforms and streamlining their online donation process. 


The Objective 

The CPC aimed to not only revamp their digital assets but also establish a lasting relationship with a tech partner who could understand their unique requirements and challenges. Their key goals included building a scalable and responsive website compliant with the highest accessibility standards, ensuring ease of content publishing, and the ability to integrate seamlessly with social media platforms, including video and other tools. 


Why Portage CyberTech? 

The CPC chose to partner withPortage CyberTech for several reasons: 

  • Human-centric approach 
  • Expertise in Drupal for scalable website design 
  • Assurance of WCAG 2 Level AAA certified designs 
  • Comprehensive support services 


The Outcome 

Since the partnership with Portage CyberTech, the benefits to the CPC's digital presence include:   

  • A responsive website, delivering an optimized user experience during periods of high-volume site visits like the Paralympic Games.
  • Increased web traffic and a surge in visitor engagement.
  • Multilingual and accessible digital assets catering to a wider audience.
  • Productivity gains for employees with more time to focus on content creation instead of technical hurdles.
  • Enhanced reputation and visibility for the CPC on digital channels.

Canadian Paralympic Committee website screenshots on iPad-iPhone.  

In summary, the collaboration between the Canadian Paralympic Committee and Portage CyberTech showcases the power of digital technologies to expand communities, enhance understanding, and further the reach and impact of their global mission and message. The CPC not only achieved significant digital growth but also reinforced its dedication to inclusivity and equality, two pillars of its core mission.


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