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Services Catalog Accelerator

A CitizenOne Module

Simplify the search for your services and facilitate the adoption of your digital services. 

Display all your digital services in one place

The CitizenOne Services Catalog Accelerator enables the consolidation of existing web assets and digital services by presenting them in a single point of entry. Creating a consolidated digital strategy doesn’t have to be hard. Accelerate your service delivery with this non-disruptive approach. 
Impactful and accessible CitizenOne’s Services Catalog Accelerator offers a dynamic and impactful presentation for services that is always accessibility compliant.
Make access intuitive Offer a fully searchable, consolidated dashboard that acts as a single point of access for all services where citizens can easily access all services.
Deploy it fast Embed the catalog in your existing website or CMS. It’s simple to deploy and fully self-service configurable.

We love this approach as it can integrate with our existing digital assets and web presence and is completely non-disruptive.

Government Partner

Amplify citizen adoption without disruptions

CitizenOne’s Services Catalog Accelerator allows you to leverage existing assets to ensure wide-scale use of future assets.


Stay in Sync

The dashboard’s service card elements can be presented in any CMS solution. Unleash the power of aligning front and back-end and keep everything in sync RESTful API integration.


Build your service card with the Services Workflow Builder

The Services Workflow Builder is a ready-to-deploy solution that allows you to customize how you present your services without disrupting their delivery and seamlessly integrate new services in a cohesive and user-friendly dashboard.


Why do governments and municipalities trust CitizenOne’s Services Catalog Accelerator?

  • Quick deployment 
  • Non-disruptive implementation
  • Intuitive UX 
  • Uniquely configurable 
  • Compatible with existing solutions

See how you can consolidate your digital services and increase citizen engagement

Delve into the Features of CitizenOne

Secure Identity Portal

Centralize identity and authentication management, along with handling policies, consent, and forms.

Enhanced Trust

Ensure robust rule access and identity verification. Issue verifiable credentials to your citizens.

Simplify your digital strategy. Find the best digital solution for you and your users.

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