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Enabling Digital-First Strategies

With us, governments and regulated industries can deliver digital services to the public in a responsible and secure way.

The efficient user-centric approach to compliant digitization

Online services don’t have to be complex. Governments and organizations of all sizes can offer a user-centric platform that works with their existing systems and reduce the total cost of ownership.
10m citizens
56+ professional associations
50+ governments and municipalities
50k professional digital signatures
Online Services Platform

The complete digital-first solution for regulated organizations industries. 


The trusted citizen portal to accelerate your service digitization. 

ConsignO Cloud

Trusted e-signature platform to securely sign documents anytime, anywhere. 


The all-in-one customer relationship management and business process system. 

Drupal CMS-DXP

The customizable content management and digital experience solutions to optimize your digital presence.


The digital signature for regulated professionals and organizations that confirms the signer’s identity. 


Do you want to accelerate your digital services?

CitizenOne: The trusted portal to better serve your community

Seamlessly present all your digital services in one place to ensure citizens can easily find what they want by leveraging CitizenOne’s powerful features such as: 

  • Services Catalog Accelerator
  • Identity Access Management
  • Identity Verification
  • Access Rules
  • Consent Management
  • Policy Management
  • Form Management

Portage CyberTech: Latest News

Serving Citizens Better: Enabling Digital-First Strategies to Improve Public Services


Portage CyberTech is revolutionizing digital services for governments by  blending new technology with existing systems for a more efficient, compliant, and user-friendly experience. 

CitizenOne: Implementing a Digital City Hall for Improved Citizen Engagement

Main Building of the City Hall in Old Montreal, Canada.

Explore how CitizenOne streamlines public digital services, offering citizens a unified, secure, and user-friendly experience that mirrors their digital expectations.

Portage CyberTech:
Enabling Responsible


Find out more about our philosophy of Responsible Acceleration and CEO Don Cuthbertson’s vision for the future of digital public services in Canada and abroad. 


ConsignO Cloud: Everything you need to move away from paper documents

Streamline your signature processes with ConsignO Cloud, the trusted e-signature platform. Allow members of your organization and all your external stakeholders to securely sign anytime, anywhere with ease.

Do you want a personalized plan to accelerate your digital strategy?

Serving those who serve people

We help employees, government officials and regulated professionals take advantage
of digital acceleration while meeting their legal requirements.

Offer your citizens convenient online services and connect your existing systems without disruption.
Authenticate your documentation within compliance and adopt digital environments that add value to your practice.
Organizations, health systems and educational institutions can create efficient digital workflows that respect data privacy.
Use the best regulatory technology tools to speed up the processing of your cases and secure your contracts.

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