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Connecting people to organizations

With us, government and regulated industries can deliver digital services in a responsible and secure way to the public.

User-Centric Online Services Platform

Online services don’t have to be complex. Now, governments and organizations of all sizes can offer a user-centric platform that works with their existing systems. Citizens and partners can access all their services in one place.

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1.1m citizens
56+ professional associations
50+ governments and municipalities
50k professional digital signatures

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We are ready to answer your questions and find a perfect solutions for your requirements.

Secure framework that speeds up service delivery

CitizenOne is a government-grade secure framework that enables trusted connections, privacy protection and the responsible consolidation of government eServices.


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We will help guide you through the process, answer all of your questions and build a customized plan based on where you are in your digital transformation journey and the systems that you currently have or want to integrate. 

Responsible Acceleration 

Everyone can benefit from technology when it's safe, offers privacy by design and is user-centric. We are the human side of technology. Our tools are adaptable, easy to use, and ensure that no one is left behind.

Serving those who serve people

We help employees, government officials and regulated professionals take advantage
of digital acceleration while meeting their legal requirements.

GOVERNMENT AND MUNICIPALITIESOffer your citizens convenient online services and connect your existing systems without disruption.
REGULATED PROFESSIONSAuthenticate your documentation within compliance and adopt digital environments that add value to your practice.
PARA-PUBLICOrganizations, health systems and educational institutions can create efficient digital workflows that respect data privacy.
LEGALUse the best regulatory technology tools to speed up the processing of your cases and secure your contracts.

Digital signatures designed to protect your practice

Over 50,000 regulated professionals use our identity-certified digital signatures to protect their legal and professional documents. Combining efficiency and compliance has never been easier.  

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Respecting people's privacy

“It can’t be just a checkbox. We must be able to show a user all the information we have about them, and we must regularly ask them if they agree to let us use their information in a specific way.”

Don Cuthbertson CEO Portage CyberTech

30 years of expertise to support you

Our world-renowned experts are responsible for numerous successes and patents in the field of cybersecurity technology. Their innovative ideas and knowledge have been proven in partnerships spanning decades.  

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