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An End-to-End Solution To Upgrade Municipal Services Delivery

Migrating online services while the population demands a simple digital experience is no ...
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Accelerating Digital Services: A Boon for Citizens and Municipalities Alike

You’ve undoubtedly heard that digital solutions are the future for municipalities in ...
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Empowering Government: How a User-Centric Approach Transformed Citizen Access to Digital Services

The successful delivery of this project was carried out by OPIN Digital before its ...
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Municipal Digital Transformation: Avoid These 4 Traps

Whether you're in the midst of a digital transformation or just getting started, keep ...
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The urgent need for user-centric digital services in Canada

Imagine a single secure session with access to all public services, from hospitals to ...
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Quebec Government Supports Portage CyberTech with $8M Loan

On Friday, May 5th, the Minister of Economy, Innovation and Energy Pierre Fitzgibbon ...
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Bruce Lévis: Creating economic benefits for all

Over his 30-year career, Bruce Lévis has become one of the most influential technology ...
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Digital Public Services: Canadians are demanding a better user experience

Portage CyberTech commissioned a study from IDC, and the findings highlight the ...
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The Portage CyberTech Online Services Platform, an incredible opportunity for public services

The adaptable platform has been deployed across various provincial and territorial ...
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Leaders Connect: Breaking Down Silos for a Responsible Digital Transformation

GATINEAU, QC, April 12, 2023 /CNW/ - Leaders Connect, an exclusive event created by ...
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Governments and Municipalities can now benefit from a Revolutionary Online Services Platform

Gatineau – March 23rd, 2023. - Portage CyberTech, a leading North American provider of ...
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3 Tips for Building Municipal Websites

A municipal website is a place where you can showcase the most important elements of your ...
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