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Governments and Municipalities can now benefit from a Revolutionary Online Services Platform

Gatineau – March 23rd, 2023. - Portage CyberTech, a leading North American provider of trusted digital solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of its Online Services Platform (OSP), a game changer for governments and organizations looking to modernize their public services.  

By offering a unified, user-centric platform, the Portage CyberTech OSP can help restore trust in government services and simplify the lives of citizens. With a core focus on the protection of privacy, an individual can access all public services through one unified platform using one single login. For example, by accessing the platform through a government website, an individual can connect to the platform and renew their driver’s license, consult their health records and pay taxes in one place. 

"The Online Services Platform has been tailored to help governments reduce their technological debt,” stated Don Cuthbertson, CEO of Portage CyberTech. “Now, every level of government or agency can easily provide user-centric digital services, relying on Portage’s expertise to assist them at every stage of their digital journey. It represents a significant step forward in the digital transformation of public services." 

Following a successful deployment across provincial and territorial governments, the platform is now available for all organizations that wish to offer online services in a safe and unified way to citizens and clients alike. Furthermore, the platform is designed to be scalable, highly efficient and integrates easily with existing government systems and third-party applications.  

The imperative to innovate 

The launch of the Portage CyberTech OSP comes at a crucial time, as governments worldwide face increasing pressure to digitally transform their public services and administrative processes. Multiple disconnected digital portals developed in silos are weighing down on the public, forcing them to manage multiple logins across disparate systems which increases risk and the threat surface for fraudsters to operate. With the standards and expectations set by the private sector, citizens are demanding a similar and seamless user experience when it comes to secure digital services access. 

The Portage CyberTech solution is the answer governments need to solve this tremendous challenge. It was designed to protect users' privacy while allowing access to public services. It connects to existing government systems and databases, which means that it is not necessary to replace existing infrastructure and systems to offer online services, but instead, allows agencies to avoid disruption. With the ability to be hosted both on the cloud or on internal servers, the platform can evolve according to the needs and budgetary parameters of each organization. In addition, multiple entities can share access to the same platform, such as regional governments or alliances of para-public organizations.  

“The adaptability of the components that make up the platform, ensures a smooth transition to digital services while respecting legislative privacy requirements.” said Bruce Lévis, Chief Strategy Officer at Portage CyberTech. “Governments can invite various agencies to gradually integrate to their platform, simplifying the lives of citizens and organizations that need access to services quickly.”  

Privacy-Preserving Access Management 

One of the OSP’s key features is its Privacy-Preserving Access Management (PPAM) solution. Once access is granted to the platform, the user consents to the use of their information used for authentication to specific government services. This user-driven consent can be revoked at any time, and the information is not communicated outside of the requested service. The information required for authentication varies depending on the level of confidentiality of the requested service. For example, accessing a municipal tax record would only require a tax roll number and postal code, but accessing health records would require multiple pieces of information to verify identity (ex. personal identification number, multi-factor authentication, health card number).

The PPAM acts as a bridge between identification sources (driver's license, account number, etc.) and the service platform. A user’s personal information is only accessible by them, it is not shared with government employees or other organizations participating in the platform. This approach ensures that citizens' privacy is protected while still allowing them to access the services they need. 

Governments like Quebec that support innovative projects like ours through programs such as Prompt (PICQ) are excellent examples of an administration encouraging innovation on its territory. In short, with the Portage CyberTech OSP, governments and organizations have an incredible opportunity to offer millions of users a seamless and secure online experience.  

About Portage CyberTech 

At Portage CyberTech, we are committed to connecting people and organizations through trusted technological solutions. Our adaptable portfolio empowers governments and regulated industries alike to accelerate their digital transformation efforts in a secure environment and enables them to better serve their clients and citizens. Thousands of organizations and government agencies in North America use and trust our solutions that service millions of people and are contributing to the Digital Trust Network, a high-standard technology community with a shared mission of responsible acceleration and the protection of the public.  


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