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Unlocking Digital Trust for Improved Public Services in Canada

Discover how to enhance trust in digital identity for seamless access to Canada's online public services.
 November 29, 2023 - 2 pm (EST) 

Join us for an exclusive webinar

Interested in understanding the role of digital trust in modern governmental service delivery? Seeking insights on best practices?

Join distinguished experts in governmental digital transformation who will share globally-tested strategies for advancing digitization in our country.

Joni Brennan President of The Digital Identification and Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC)
Patrick Drolet Chief of Innovation at Portage CyberTech
Fadwa Mohanna CEO of One37
Marc Baaklini Chief Business Development Officer, Brainstorm CyberRisk

What You'll Learn

  • The current state of public opinion regarding digital trust in online public services
  • An understanding of the projected global digital economy by 2027
  • An understanding of digital credentials and identification online
  • The potential benefits of migrating services with digital credentials
  • Insights into tested global measures and opportunities to boost digital trust

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Why is this Webinar Necessary? 

As many Canadians adopt digital solutions, trust remains a challenge. Increasing security breaches heighten doubts, yet the potential of digital platforms for enhanced security and efficiency is clear. By 2027, the OECD predicts a largely digital global economy. Enhancing digital trust is vital for Canada's progress and global competitiveness. Join our discussion on the future of digital trust in Canada and our journey towards a digital-first economy.  

Join the conversation and be a part of this transformation!

 November 29, 2023 - 2 pm (EST) 
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Who is Portage CyberTech

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Portage CyberTech is dedicated to connecting people and organizations with trusted technological solutions and digital-first strategies. Our versatile portfolio enables governments and regulated industries to expedite their digital transformation initiatives securely, enhancing their service to clients and citizens. 

Thousands of organizations and government agencies across North America rely on our solutions, serving millions of individuals. The organization supports 50,000 regulated professionals and collaborates with four provincial governments and territories. 

Engage with distinguished experts in governmental digital transformation

 November 29, 2023 - 2 pm (EST) 
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