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Rapid and secure e-service digitalization: turning years into months

CitizenOne Launch Webinar – Discover how the new trusted citizen portal can accelerate your services digitization projects.  
December 7, 2023 - 2 pm (EST) 

Witness CitizenOne in action before anyone else

Citizens demand seamless public services, while IT teams face content, compliance, and cybersecurity challenges. Meet CitizenOne, the self-service portal developed in collaboration with governments, to transform municipal and government digital experiences. See how easily you can build a compliant citizen portal in a time-sensitive manner.
Martin Burke Product General Manager, CitizenOne
Valentin Bachelier Director of Sales, Canada and United States, CitizenOne

What You'll Learn

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of CitizenOne
  • Explore the challenges addressed and the proven benefits
  • Understand CitizenOne's powerful features 
  • Explore a compelling case study of consolidated service digitalization
  • Discover the capabilities of CitizenOne in real-time
  • See a model service delivery roadmap, and iterative approach to roll out

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CitizenOne Portal

What is CitizenOne?

CitizenOne is a ready-to-deploy, self-service citizen portal, designed to unify user experience and ensure data privacy compliance. Its administrative console and powerful features are specifically tailored to meet the challenge of providing consolidated access while ensuring secure identity verification. This significantly transforms the operations of IT teams in government and municipal sectors.


Why is this Webinar Necessary?

The United Nations' 2022 survey on online administration clearly demonstrated the importance of governments' digitalization. Economic development and the trust relationship between the population and governments increasingly depend on the authorities' ability to digitally transform their public services. CitizenOne is a cornerstone to help governments accelerate this transformation and maintain the trust link between governments and their constituents. 

Be the first to experience CitizenOne's capabilities - don't miss out!

December 7, 2023 - 2 pm (EST) 
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Who is Portage CyberTech

Don and Bruce at leaders Connect

Portage CyberTech is dedicated to connecting people and organizations with trusted technological solutions and digital-first strategies. Our versatile portfolio enables governments and regulated industries to expedite their digital transformation initiatives securely, enhancing their service to clients and citizens. 

Thousands of organizations and government agencies across North America rely on our solutions, serving millions of individuals. The organization supports 50,000 regulated professionals and collaborates with four provincial governments and territories. 

Be a pioneer and witness CitizenOne's debut

December 7, 2023 - 2 pm (EST) 
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