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Online Services Platform

Revolutionizing digital services for governments and regulated industries with a new generation of responsible technology.  

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Connecting People to Services

In the current digital landscape, ease of use is key to online success, but public organizations face significant challenges in terms of security and data privacy. However, it is possible to address these challenges seamlessly. 

77% average rate of registration
100% compatible and privacy by design
50+ governments and municipalities
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Unified digital experience 

Give your citizens a user-centric way to access online services


Ensure compliance with evolving data privacy legislation


Handle sensitive personal information without putting your organization at risk


Rely on constant maintenance and continuous innovation


Eliminate complex workflows and maximize the productivity of your workforce


Connect to your existing systems without disruption

With Portage CyberTech, we plan to increase the number of digital services available from 9 currently to 160 this fiscal year.

Government Partner

Looking for a secure framework for trusted connections?

Explore Citizen One

The end-to-end solution for government, higher education and regulated industries

Portage CyberTech’s ready-to deploy solutions enable organizations to offer secure and unified digital services in a responsible manner.
Online Services Platform list of services which are listed under our Solutions.

Digitizing services helps municipalities meet public and business expectations to become more efficient and resilient.

Don Cuthbertson  
CEO | Portage CyberTech 


Focus on services, not on finding developers

Having qualified IT staff doesn't necessarily mean incurring high costs. The same goes for maintaining your systems. 

With Portage CyberTech Online Services Platform

Integrates with legacy systems

Rapid deployment solutions

Continuous Innovation


Do-it-yourself Solution

Non-integrated solutions

Creates disruptions

High maintenance costs

Digitalizing government services has never been more important

Given that there is a proven formula to get the job done, the time to act is now.

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A unified digital experience for your citizens and employees

Transform easily your services delivery with a comprehensive government-grade portfolio of secure solutions that enable responsible acceleration in protecting the public and its institutions. 

"It is a solution that obtains individual consent, ensures privacy protection, verifies documents, and retains identity evidence according to the latest standards, without the need to keep the original or copies. There are very few people on the planet who do this. We are pretty much alone in doing it the way we do."

Patrick Drolet Chief of Innovation
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