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Serving Citizens Better: Enabling Digital-First Strategies to Improve Public Services

Improving the digital services offered by governments and municipalities is no easy task. It involves multiple stakeholders, cumbersome approval processes, and the need to demonstrate value and efficiency quickly.  

Fortunately, Portage CyberTech possess the technological expertise to enhance digital service delivery, and we do so for governments of all sizes on a daily basis. 

Digital Transformation Challenges in Government and Our Solutions

As citizens' expectations grow, influenced by sleek digital technology experiences in the private sector, governments are under increasing pressure to match these standards.   

These challenges, coupled with often lengthy procurement processes and the need for solutions to be both scalable and accessible to all, make digital transformation a complex endeavor for government agencies.  

However, many of these digital public services challenges are met with our end-to-end solution to upgrade government and municipal services delivery.  

Here's how we can help provinces, territories, and municipal administrations improve their digital government service delivery across North America.  

No disruption: Leveraging legacy systems

While many vendors might suggest starting from scratch to deliver modern digital services, that is not necessarily the best approach. You don’t have to replace; you can improve your current systems.

There are solutions that can co-exist and can work with your existing databases and systems. For instance, CitizenOne can seamlessly integrate with your older systems, providing consolidated digital services within days of deployment. 

Identity verification and privacy compliance  

We can seamlessly incorporate strong identity verification processes with our Secure Identity Portal, our IAM tool or the ones that you have in place. We align with the privacy and regulatory requirements specific to the needs of public administrations. This approach emphasizes privacy by design principles, ensuring that the solution complies with all relevant regulations.  

We adapt to your current processes because we understand that flexibility is essential for any public administration.

Consolidating the user experience is key to success  

Over time, the adoption of multiple Content Management Systems (CMS) and contributions from various teams can result in inconsistency in the look and feel of your websites, making it hard for citizens to find the right services they need. 

An inconsistent presentation may create frustration among users, eroding their trust in your organization, thus diminishing citizen engagement overall.  

We are seeing a huge trend in Canadian citizens demanding a better user experience for digital government services. To counter this, it is crucial to unify the presentation of your services available and catch up to the private sector in terms of usability. 

Our CitizenOne: Services Catalog Accelerator can help consolidate the interfaces and streamline access to services, increasing public trust and, in turn, the likelihood of citizen adoption. Once a constituent is on your website, all the services that are available to them are clearly and easily accessible.  

This approach eliminates users’ frustration. Furthermore, if you want to maximize the information infrastructure on your website, our Drupal-based CMS and DXP combined with certified accessible web design services will help you truly redefine how citizens will access, and experience online services.

Let us take on the burden of the integration  

As organizations often employ numerous tools, managing the integration of new solutions can be challenging. In fact, a lot of digital transformation projects fail because of integration-related complications. According to McKinsey, BCG, KPMG, and Bain & Company, "the risk of failure for an organizational digital transformation is between 70% and 95%.”

Portage CyberTech can take on the responsibility of integrating new digital solutions and act as intermediaries with your suppliers.   

Having connected our consolidated digital solutions with various suppliers for many years, managing integration projects is our specialty. We also identify and streamline unused solutions within your public administration, optimizing resources. 

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Leaving no one behind: Streamlining processes for everyone 

Some companies may talk about digitizing your online government services, but they would only address access online, while leaving a big part of digitization process incomplete, especially for in-person services. 

Service digitalization should optimize internal processes and these processes should also impact the quality of services at the counter. For instance, using our 1CRM system, an employee can use the same management tool for handling online requests because our CRM is connected to CitizenOne and your other management tools. 

Our comprehensive CRM consolidates both in-person and digital processes, benefiting employees and your entire clientele.  

Meet modern citizen expectations

Governments worldwide are facing heightened expectations from their citizens, who are accustomed to streamlined, efficient digital experiences in their daily lives—thanks to advancements in the private sector. Meeting these expectations requires governments to adopt a proactive approach to digital transformation. 

Here are some ways you can meet those expectations within delivering public services and increase public value overall.  

Stimulate Engagement through Secure Digital Means  

Digital services are no longer a luxury or a trend; they are a necessity. From the young to the elderly, everyone today is connected through some form of digital medium. Recognizing this, our platform is designed to be inclusive, secure, interactive, and intuitive.   

By transitioning to a digital-first approach, governments can reach their citizens directly, irrespective of where they are. This fosters better communication, builds trust, and stimulates engagement.

When citizens are informed and involved, they not only understand governmental programs and activities better but also feel a sense of ownership and belonging.  

Become the most innovative government to care for your citizens and address their needs

As we've seen in the IDC report funded by Portage CyberTech: "An Informed Approach to Digital Transformation: Critical Consideration for Canadian Government", at the heart of citizen expectations lies a simple idea: for governments to genuinely care for their citizens, they must evolve, adapt, and innovate. 

Indeed, in this era of rapid technological evolution, expectations are continually changing. The only way to constantly adapt is to prioritize digital in order to innovate, but also to monitor what works and what doesn't in real-time. 

With Portage CyberTech's Online Services Platform, governments now have the ultimate tool to prioritize the digital realm securely and position themselves in a stance of perpetual innovation. 

An OpenGov system that elevates the well-being of businesses and citizens  

The bond between a government and its people is a sacred one, akin to the relationship between City Hall and its community. A government that listens and responds is one that thrives. Portage CyberTech’s Online Services Platform nurtures this bond.   

It enables seamless communication, creating a bridge between governance and the governed. This synergy makes the government more than just a regulatory body; it becomes a facilitator for prosperity, progress, and happiness.  

No More Redundancy: Streamlining Both Internal and External Workflows  

One of the most common grievances that citizens and businesses alike have with bureaucracy is the redundancy. Multiple forms, repetitive information, long waiting times – all these can now be relegated to the annals of history. With our Online Services Platform, every workflow is digital.   

This means that citizens no longer have to wait in long queues at City Hall to apply for permits or receive their marriage certificates. Every process, every transaction, every interaction is now digital, fast, and efficient, tremendously improving your public service delivery.  

Accelerating your digital services will ultimately lead to better communication and utilization of services for citizens, governments and municipalities alike.  

Replacing pen and paper with electronic signatures  

No, you cannot optimize your processes without electronic signatures. Why? Because the time you save from consolidating your online services would be lost in a maze of paperwork.  

Fortunately, we offer ConsignO Cloud, our trusted electronic signature platform and our CertifiO digital signatures that seamlessly integrate with our customer relationship management system, 1CRM and our trusted citizen portal, CitizenOne.

Everyone can sign with full compliance using our signature platform, as we offer both two-factor signatures and digitally verified signatures.  

Today, some processes still require to print-scan-print-scan and send. This process decrease adoption for online processes and ultimately, create frustration the user. In addition, this is not always compliant for long-term archiving.  

Specialized Solutions for Governments and Municipalities  

 With evolving demands and expectations, it's essential to have solutions tailored specifically for public entities. Whether it's streamlining arts funding, simplifying procurement workflows, or ensuring secure digital interactions, specialized solutions are not just a necessity—they're the foundation for a transparent, efficient, and trust-building digital future. 

Indeed, it is on this governmental specialization that Portage CyberTech has based its innovations for decades.  

Grants, arts, and community portals: simplified and streamlined    

A vibrant community is one that celebrates its arts, acknowledges its talents, and supports its initiatives. However, accessing grants, participating in art programs, or simply engaging with the community can often be a tedious process.     

Not anymore. Our platform brings to the table a simplified portal system. Whether you're an artist seeking a grant, a community leader organizing an event, or a citizen wanting to partake in a local program, everything is now at your fingertips.   

Transparent, efficient, and user-friendly, these portals are the bridge between dreams and realization.  

Solving Independent Procurement Processes  

Procurement processes form the backbone of governmental and regulated industry operations. Over time, as departments evolved and expanded, each adopted its own distinct set of processes.

While this independent evolution might have suited the specific needs of each department at a given time, it's clear now that this fragmented approach has led to operational nightmares.   

Employees grapple with diverse workflows, often redundant and sometimes contradictory. For citizens, this fragmentation is even more palpable. They are often left navigating a maze of processes, unsure about the correct path to take, and frustrated by the lack of uniformity.   

What's needed now is a cohesive, integrated approach to procurement, one that brings together the best of each department while eliminating redundancies and inefficiencies.

A comprehensive and scalable digital approach, especially with our Online Services Platform (OSP), can quickly solve internal fragmentation issues. 

Fit the Private Sector User Experience  

As previously mentioned, the world has gone digital, and so have expectations. A staggering 93% of citizens now expect their digital experiences with public services to match, if not exceed, those offered by the private sector.   

This isn't just about aesthetics or user interface design; it's about fluidity, simplicity, and efficiency. When users engage with a digital platform, they expect the process to be smooth, intuitive, and free of unnecessary complications.   

By aligning public sector digital services with these expectations, governments and regulated industries aren't just enhancing user experience; they're building trust. In a world where digital interactions form the core of business and personal transactions, establishing and maintaining this trust is paramount.

Online Services Platform: 30 Years in the making  

Success isn't built overnight. It's the culmination of years of experience, expertise, and evolution. The Online Services Platform from Portage CyberTech is a testament to this journey.

Crafted over three decades, it represents the synergistic collaboration of industry benchmarks: Vivvo, Notarius, 1CRM, OPIN, and Becker-Carroll.   

Each of these companies brought to the table their unique solutions, honed and perfected over the years. Today, they've come together under the umbrella of Portage CyberTech, with a singular vision: to aid regulated organizations and governments in their digital transformation endeavours.  

The strength of the Online Services Platform lies not just in its state-of-the-art technology but in the collective wisdom and expertise backing it. By pooling together their resources, knowledge, and proven solutions, Portage CyberTech is poised to simplify the intricate web of administrative processes, making digitalization not just a goal but an easily attainable reality.  

One government perspective that fits citizens' expectations

For too long, governments have operated in silos, with each department functioning as an independent entity, leading to digital transformation failures.

While this might have offered a degree of operational autonomy, it's evident that from a citizen's perspective, it's far from ideal. The need of the hour is a unified governmental perspective, one that offers a seamle997514ss and integrated experience to its citizens. 

At Portage CyberTech, we believe in this holistic vision. Our Online Services Platform is more than just a digital tool; it's a bridge between governments and their citizens. It's a commitment to understanding and meeting citizen expectations.

By offering a unified platform that streamlines processes, eliminates redundancies, and enhances user experience, we're helping governments transition from a fragmented operational model to one that resonates with the modern citizen's expectations. 

In essence, it's about reimagining governance for the digital age, about building systems that are not just efficient but also empathetic.

With Portage CyberTech's Online Services Platform, governments and regulated industries are not just equipped to meet today's challenges but are also future-ready, ensuring that they continue to serve their citizens efficiently, effectively, and with the care they deserve. 

Time-Sensitive Deployment & Cost Predictability

Our Online Services Platform is predictable and ready to use, eliminating the need to overhaul budgets or endure lengthy approval processes. You can adopt our portfolio gradually to suit your technical, regional, and financial requirements, as it offers assessment and scalability to align with your budget. 

With CitizenOne, you can analyze online service traffic through a coherent dashboard, making informed decisions over time without significant investments in do-it-yourself development.

In addition, with ConsignO Cloud, you can measure the volume of projects signed in a year, which allows you to better anticipate your expenses and measure the time saved from following up with your internal-external signatories. 

Streamlining: One Provider for 6 Integrated Digitalization Solutions 

Portage CyberTech's Online Services Platform simplifies supplier management, as we offer a responsible solution designed for governments and municipalities, complete with professional integration services.

Our portfolio enables government to deliver digital services in an effective way while also simplifying their internal IT management as they only have to deal with one trusted vendor.  

Our solutions are compatible and reliable. You will benefit from security updates, evolving standards, and legal compliance with our tools, as we already adhere to the highest standards in North America.  

Moreover, our government partners have experienced an impressive 77% online adoption rate with CitizenOne and a 95% user satisfaction rate with our ConsignO Cloud trusted signatures. 

Contact us for a free demo; we are ready to assist you in serving your citizens better. 

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