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Choosing the Best Platform for Your Intranet

Choosing Drupal to power your organizations intranet

With the world turning towards digital experience platforms, more and more companies are seeing the need for a comprehensive internal intranet.

Every day, there are thousands of employees who depend on their corporate intranet for knowledge sharing, document downloads, and collaboration. Yet, for many organizations, the corporate intranet is built upon legacy technologies that are costly and out of date.

Many organizations face challenges with their current intranet platform that include:

  • Inability to meet content management requirements of the internal teams.
  • Challenges ensuring that the platform is reliable, scalable and meets and security standards. 
  • High maintenance costs combined with limited resources and personnel available for upkeep and innovation. 


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Let’s jump into how Drupal can alleviate these challenges and look at why it is the best choice for your open source intranet build.

Whether your portal will be used for internal communications, collaboration on projects, onboarding, or as a stakeholder portal, your platform needs to be easily manageable, secure, reliable and flexible.  

There are a number of different use cases for intranets, but as we see a rise in distributed workforces, the employee portal becomes more popular.

An intranet portal is a means for organizations to enable employees to maintain a steady level of productivity, to stay connected while working collaboratively on projects, discuss information and share company-wide updates.

Modern intranet platforms make it easier for content administrators to manage the system and provides a user experience that is seamless. 

Easy content management and flexibility with Drupal

A robust intranet system allows for teams from organizations of various sizes to consolidate numerous workflows. This stores information and data in one place and enables team members and managers access on a single interface. 

Drupal is the best CMS for your intranet because it has the most customizable framework and can provide organizations with a wide range of features and plugins. This extends the functionality of their product, giving teams a unified system where effective communication, visibility and productivity can be fostered. 

Intranets enable organizations to streamline processes and deliver tools for collaboration. Team members will be able to work on projects together regardless of their location and managers will have the ability to check in on the progress. 

Using Drupal as your intranet platform gives your team access to collaboration tools like forums, tagging, commenting threads and more. Drupal provides flexibility to customize an intranet in a way that suits your business needs.

The Most Secure Platform for your Intranet

Choosing Drupal as your intranet platform means that you get to reap the benefits of open source software and all that it provides to businesses, such as reliability, security and flexibility.

Drupal is maintained by a community that is made up of thousands of developers. This network works constantly to improve its performance and ensures that your platform is protected against threats to your intranet like unauthorized access and viruses. 

A company’s intranet connects employees in different physical locations, time zones and sometimes in different languages, and an intranet is relied on for business operations, as such it is important that your platform does not fall victim to security vulnerabilities.

Drupal is the most secure solution that is fast, reliable and secure and it is built for scalability meaning that your intranet can grow as your organization does. 

Ditch licensing fees for open-source cost-efficiency

Another reason why Drupal should be the front-runner for your intranet platform is that you will find it to be more cost-effective when compared to proprietary solutions like SharePoint that include costly licence fees.

Drupal is open source which means your organization will not have to pay for licence fees which leave your organization with limited resources for innovation. Your company will not have to worry about allocating budget towards training and upkeep, the Drupal platform gives your company the freedom to reinvest in areas that deliver value. 

Your organization will use this intranet for years to come, being able to avoid strenuous licensing costs with Drupal as your platform is the ideal option. 

What’s Next 

Now that we have determined that Drupal is the best choice for your intranet platform, learn more about how Portage CyberTech uses Drupal to deliver cutting edge digital solutions.

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