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Privacy-Preserving Access Management

Ensure the most secure authentication processes while respecting the privacy of your users. 

Privacy-Preserving Access Management (PPAM)

Connects multiple systems that handles identity management,
preserves the privacy of user-data, and provides easy secure access to several services with one single login.

Enhance the end-user experience in a secure way

Our Privacy-Preserving Access Management (PPAM) was born in the public sector and focuses on providing a privacy-enhancing solution for the digitization of government services.   
With our PPAM, organizations can create authentication processes with complete transparency to users. They can use multiple sources of identity without having to store or manage personal data. It is the best tool to ensure compliance with applicable laws and mitigate risk in the event of a breach.

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Transform the way your citizens access digital services

Portage CyberTech enables the responsible acceleration of governments, organizations and regulated industries.

53% Of citizens find it frustrating to access public services
93% Of citizens expect government services to match leading tech companies, private sector and digital governments
60% Of government officials believe that fast pace of change in technology is "not good"

Rise to the challenge to meet increased citizen demands

A non-disruptive, simplified approach to the end-user experience, enabling government organizations to continue delivery of services via digital channels and established systems.

Offer 24/7 fully accessible services to citizens 
Spend approximately 50% less time interacting with public administration 
Lower costs by 50% for companies when interacting with the public administration  
Achieve 60% less case handling efforts through automated processing

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Deliver increased capability at reduced costs

By simplifying the end-user experience, Privacy-Preserving Access Management makes it easy for users to access all the government services they need in one place. It goes beyond traditional solutions by bringing together all services into one integrated platform, saving time and money. Governments can achieve rapid time-to-value in deployment and delivery of digital services.

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