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Privacy-Preserving Access Management

A CitizenOne Feature

Pairing identity verification and access to services, while respecting privacy laws

Effortlessly handle robust identification and personal information while ensuring privacy

Pairing identity verification and access to services, while respecting privacy laws can be done seamlessly. Offer a smooth online experience without accumulating unnecessary personal information.

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   Minimal storage and anonymization of data 

  Data is encrypted in transit and at REST

  User-driven consent for data-sharing

   Context-sensitive authentication

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Craft responsible ID management with cutting-edge
Privacy by Design mechanisms

Citizen One’s PPAM is a modular solution that provides a secure toolkit for organizations to identify, verify, onboard, and authenticate users of their digital services.

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  • Establishing secure connections for identifying data between databases and participant portals
  • Transmitting personal information safely: displaying only relevant data without unnecessary sharing
  • Progressive disclosing of personal information depending on the context for enhanced privacy
  • Transparent use of personal information based on consent
  • No sharing of information between service providers without consent of the user

CitizenOne privacy-preserving capabilities maximize security and minimize cyberattack risks for greater protection.

Government Partner

Empowering modules: Strengthening privacy, consent and access rules for government requirements

The different modules of Citizen One's PPAM will assist you in leveraging available trusted data sources to enhance identity assurance and minimize the amount of sensitive information stored in your systems.

Identity Management & Authentication
Personas Management
Policy & Consent Management
Unified Notifications
Forms Management

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