Customer Support

Portage is committed to customer success. Our experts are trained to ensure timely implementation and problem resolution.

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Customer Support 

With Portage, you get holistic end-to-end support: we assess, diagnose and resolve issues regardless of origin. We take primary responsibility for the health of your system or site. And our team works 24x7, so you don't have to.  

Through our online Service Desk, you can report issues and submit requests.   Right from the earliest stages of deployment, they’ll ensure that you meet your goals.

Need help getting set up?  Your customer success manager can help you on your way. 

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We Won!

Our Digital Support team won the 2022 Stevie Silver Award for Sales and Customer Service!

Customer Service Excellence runs through our blood. We appreciate and thank our customers for the continued honour to serve you. Congratulations to our cross-functional team who do what they do, and do it best.

 Customer Success

We care about your success.

We invested in building a suite of tools and processes that all our clients can take advantage of, ensuring that setting up, migrating and maintaining their digital properties goes smoothly.

To eliminate complexity and streamline your experience, we assign you a Customer Success manager whose job it is to make sure you have the right Portage tools and processes at the right time. It’s the fast track to success.  

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Extending your in-house support team

If you have a small web development team, security updates can take their time away from improving your website. More importantly, when something goes wrong and an immediate fix is required, your developers may be out of office, overwhelmed or lacking the right resources.

We are committed to you 24x7. With our enterprise, always-on approach, we are committed to your success.

We’re an extension of your in-house support team.  

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Security Updates and Maintenance

A continuous committment to security and maintenance is a requirement of operating digital services in today's world.

The support team at Portage will proactively apply security updates to ensure your website is up-to-date. We'll test the updates in development and staging environments before they go live. And we’ll monitor your website and review any feature or non-security updates to guarantee performance and security.

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