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The Value of Trust

Portage brings privacy-focused technology to the trusted digital economy.

Value of Trust

Trust has very real value – in both dollars and sense.

One of the consequences of digital business is the accumulation of personal, private data. The ability to collect and maintain ongoing consent from data owners requires particular attention.

Measuring the value of trust can mean different things to different people, but the one thing that trust does bring when it arrives is the belief that you are in the right place working with the right people. 

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Economic loss to Canadian economy due to lack of trust in digital transactions with people, organizations, and relationships.

Dollars CAD

Annual cost per user in technology management to handle password-related issues.

Dollars CAD

Average cost to each company that experiences an identity breach or loss of client data.

Dollars CAD

Source: Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada

Intent On Trust

Portage is Intent on Trust. Respecting the need for trust and privacy drives everything we do.  Equipped with a full-service expert team of resources, we’re bringing privacy-focused technology to our emerging trusted digital economy.

Find out more about our commitment to trust for your digital project.

Portage CyberTech is a proud member of the Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC), a non-profit coalition of private and public sector leaders working to: 

  • Enable Canada’s full, secure and beneficial participation in the global digital economy  
  • Advance Canada’s digital economy agenda, which depends on digital identity that is ubiquitous, trustworthy, convenient and private. 
  • Equip consumers and businesses with tools for services online, on the phone and in person 
  • Unlock the digital ID service capabilities of the public and private sectors 

Members of our Centre of Excellence contribute to the development of the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework

Building the Digital Community

Members of our Centre of Excellence contribute to the development of the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework

Check out these papers and discussions that members of the Portage team have contributed to:
Adapting to Distance: How Digital Solutions are Creating a Path Forward for Traditional Industries | Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada (
Help Define and Design the Future of Canada’s Levels of Assurance with DIACC | Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada
Discussion on the CitizenOne Platform: Self-Assessment: CitizenOne by Vivvo | Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada (

Hosting Data vs. Owning Data

Support your organization’s ability to act as trusted custodians of data while empowering data owners to manage their privacy, how data is access as well as their consent to usage policies.

We call our approach Intent on Trust™ and it is integral to both our values as a company and the architecture of our product.

Source. 2020-21 Survey of Canadians on Privacy-Related Issues - Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada

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88% of citizens expressed some level of concern about the protection of their privacy.
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61% by companies feel they have little to no control over how their information is being used
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65% by governments feel they have little to no control over how their information is being used

Government and Public Sector

Positive and trusted interactions with government have never been more important. Silos of access and multitudes of passwords for different services are a cumbersome reminder of our past. In this new era in digital service delivery, citizens want easy, secure access and they want the ability to consent to or revoke use of their personal information. Governments also have a clear mandate: to ensure that the person requesting information is who they say they are and that as they serve their citizens, they are maintaining their own policy governance while providing the best citizen experience and that they are timely in the delivery of services.

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COVID forced post-secondary institutions into digital transformations, and two imperatives have been at the heart of success– putting students at the center of digital services delivery and enabling trust. Adoption of a student-centric approach—versus one that is organization- or process-centric— enables institutions to more fully anticipate student needs.   Creating stages along the way to implement processes feedback from students and other users can be a highly beneficial way to ensure the path taken is the right one. Building of trust within your digital transformation project is a critical as the trust you build within your student body.

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Leveraging technology in digital healthcare transformation has shifted from a future possibility to one of immediate need. The COVID-19 imperative for healthcare:  deliver more care to more patients while minimizing in-person contact. Even outside of the pandemic the aging of the baby-boomers will create a further need for managing online health services delivery. Spiking demands on the health care system make a stronger case than ever for leveraging automation and secure digital service delivery to lighten the load on human resources all while respecting privacy needs of individuals. 

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Your Data, Your Consent

You need to give your customers and end users control of their data.  Portage solutions let you adhere to evolving data compliance requirements from regulatory bodies while collecting and maintaining ongoing consent from your data owners.  This is a must have, not a nice to have.

Portage just happened to master it.

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