Meet the technology platform accelerating trusted digital transactions

Portage CyberTech makes enterprise-grade software that enables safe and trusted transactions between individuals, business and government organizations.


Add bench strength to your transformation

We help organizations accelerate the delivery of online services with a business-focused technology toolset that provides crucial capabilities relating to access and identity.


What our clients love about our platform

  • Faster speed to implement.
  • Lower project costs
  • Reduced internal demands on staff

Designed for heavy lifting but flexible enough to fit in.

You can use our platform to:

  • enhance the capabilities of your existing identity and access management solution, or
  • perform that function itself as the system of record

Many of our clients use our software as a targeted solution to a specific challenge they are facing, particularly in the area of integration with proprietary or legacy systems. As their needs grow or change, it’s common for them to find more and more uses for our platform.

The CitizenOne platform provides capabilities that focus on 5 key areas that are essential components in enabling online service delivery.

Platform Capabilities

Identity Assertion Brokering
Communicate verified identity information to service providers without exposing sensitive data.
Authentication Services
From single-sign-on to multi-factor, our solution is seamless and secure.
Policy Rules Engine
A powerful rule engine to manage the complexities of real-world use cases.
User Consent
End users have a simple interface to provide, manage and revoke consent instantly.
Service Integration
Deliver a branded and consistent user experience for every integrated service.
Service Dashboard
The user’s service dashboard customizes its services in one location, including dynamic notifications.

Authentication Services

From single-sign-on to multi-factor, our solution is seamless and secure.

  • Provide a consistent login experience across services
  • Can be configured to work with any digital ecosystem credential – or to use on its own
  • Avoid duplication and errors due to multiple user profile versions
  • Avoid costs of supporting password recovery or profile updates

Identity Assertion Brokering

Add the missing dimension of trust and assurance to your online interactions.

  • Verify user claims of who they say they are
  • User-present consent model that does not expose sensitive data to any outside party, including CitizenOne.
  • Maintains authoritative sources of identity
  • Does not require duplicate identity stores.

Policy Rules Engine

A powerful rule engine to manage the complexities of real-world use cases.

  • Modern rule and policy engine
  • Service providers request real-time verified identity assertions from users
  • Ensures users have been authenticated and verified and passed all required criteria
  • Delivers timely personalized services to verified users

User Consent

Be compliant and stay that way with tools to audit and manage compliance.

  • Allow users to grant, manage and revoke consent
  • Users can manage consent to any service, at any time, instantly
  • Ensure user consent prior to any private data sharing
  • Empower users with the ability to control the use of their data

Service Integration

Deliver a branded and consistent user experience across digital touchpoints.

  • Provide a consistent, repeatable user experience for every integrated service
  • Provides consistent onboarding workflows for every integrated service
  • Leverage as a standalone module or integrate with CMS or CRM solution
  • Integrate with other platform modules for a common data collection and service experience

Service Dashboard

Deliver the true customer experience they are looking for.

  • Easy to understand and customizable service dashboard
  • Presents the most commonly used services in one location
  • Integrated services can show users dynamic notification within the dashboard


Missing a platform that manages the trust and privacy layer of your business? Here are some of the impacts:


Inconsistent implementation of privacy governance creating business risk


Protracted timelines and cost overruns from integrating with legacy and proprietary systems


Inconsistent customer experience that reflects internal siloes and legacy implementations


Managing trust has benefits. Here’s some positive results clients of our platform have shared with us:


Enterprise-wide alignment to privacy policy and quality management program


Maximized investments, faster implementation and standards-based interoperability


Consistent sign-on and user experience with transparent consent

Connect with a member of our team to learn more about our platform and how our professional services can help you:

  • Add a foundation of trust and assurance to your online
  • Streamline and accelerate your digital transformation efforts
  • Overcome challenging barriers presented by legacy systems
  • Add flexibility and interoperability to your technology
  • Work with a team of  digital technology professionals
    who are transforming their organizations for the better.