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Notarius launches CertifiO Cloud, an AATL digital signature accessible on any device

As the product of years of effort and development in collaboration with our clients, Notarius, a Portage CyberTech company, is pleased to announce the launch of its most innovative identity-verified digital signature solution yet: the CertifiO Cloud digital signature. The Portage family would like to congratulate the entire team that made the deployment of this cutting-edge solution possible.

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Listed on the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL), eIDAS-compliant and accessible via any device connected to the internet, the CertifiO Cloud digital signature represents a milestone in the digital transformation of professions and organizations with high legal requirements since it does not require a software installation or cryptographic tokens (such as a USB token) to host it.

Issued to a person following a face-to-face identity verification and the validation of their professional affiliation, CertifiO Cloud offers professionals in the engineering, health sciences and legal fields, among others, the ability to quickly and securely sign official documents with confidence.

While many professions and organizations are still resistant to the dematerialization of their signature process, Notarius trusts this user-friendly solution will convince the majority to migrate their practice to a digital ecosystem which is much more efficient than a conventional paper process.

In a context of a labour shortage and the increasing amount of repetitive work, adopting CertifiO Cloud significantly increases efficiency for numerous entities that are essential to our economic vitality and community well-being.

The CertifiO Cloud digital signature meets the need of integrating and optimizing management systems across North America. Being both easy-to-deploy and user-friendly, it will greatly speed up the transformation of key public and parapublic sectors.

- Patrick Drolet, CEO of Notarius

In addition, by affixing their CertifiO Cloud digital signature using the ConsignO Cloud Solo web app, professionals can digitally sign their electronic documents and comply with their regulatory requirements by applying the image of their seal and signature directly in the app.

Accredited specialists in the health sciences, pharmacology and food sectors can also rely on the CertifiO Cloud digital signature to authenticate documents in accordance with the requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) - CFR 21, Part 11.

Ultimately, the deployment of CertifiO Cloud will strengthen Notarius’ position as a North American leader in 360° electronic and digital signature solutions. It will provide an opportunity to grow the company’s trusted network through new verticals and expand business partnerships with Converge Technology Solutions (TSX: CTS) companies located around the world.

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